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Two Unlikely Friends

When we adopted Lizzy, our cat, it was paramount that she also have a purple collar like Ceska. When the two met, it was disastrous. Ceska was just as afraid of Lizzy as Lizzy was of her, which made for an entertaining stand off. However, the two quickly became best friends. While Lizzy was, and still is, a great deal younger than Ceska (Lizzy turns 4 or 5 this year), that didn’t change anything. They slept together when the chance arose, and played together as well.

There were times when Ceska wasn’t having any of Lizzy’s shit, which was always funny. Ceska merely tolerated the stupid cat the older she got. But Lizzy still loved to play with Ceska, and those were some of the best moments I can recall. Even now, I’m 100% certain Lizzy knows Ceska isn’t coming home.

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